100% of all money raised goes directly into the work of Talent 1st. No donation is too small. Thank you to all who have so kindly and generously supported our work. You have helped us to make a huge impact on the lives of young talent.

"The opportunities Talent 1st has provided me are extraordinary; they are what you wait for after 3 years of training at drama school. The quality of training is just incredible. I don't think I will ever feel I will be able to express my gratitude to them. I urge anyone who has a passion for acting to join The Talent 1st Organisation. They are the most passionate and driven people and I feel very lucky to be a member."

Liv Hill

British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress Nominee (Three Girls BBC)

The Best Stage Debut nominee The Stage Awards 2019 (Top Girls at The National Theatre 2019)

"I was 11 years old when i joined The Talent 1st Organisation. For me, it was the best space to train to find out what it was about acting that I loved; to be inspired by the people in an honest and open space. To have that guidance which is so honest, for me, it's meant that I have a very healthy relationship with the industry and how I work and I enjoy it. I enjoy having The Talent 1st Organisation to come back to, to touch base with other people who are going through the same journey; to feel supported and encouraged. I don't know of any other drama organisation like it. The work it's doing is incredible and necessary. I've been very luck to be a part of The Talent 1st Organisation."

Molly Windsor British Academy Television Award for Best Actress winner (Three Girls BBC)

 .... It costs Talent 1st £840 per year to train one actor? This is not including additional administration time, practical sessions for submissions and one to one advice, tutorials and support. 


 ..... The Talent 1st team devotes more than 50% of their working time through voluntary hours, reducing membership fees for each young actor aged 11-15 by 50% and lifting the fee completely for actors aged 8-11 and 16-25 by 100%? This is through the direct support of the Talent 1st team alone. Imagine what can be achieved with outside support!


.......Talent 1st is the only organisation to have discovered, developed and launched two young actors under the age of 21, who were simultaneously nominated for leading Actress and supporting Actress BAFTA awards? This is a record yet to be matched by anyone else.


...... Talent 1st is one of the smallest actor training grounds, taking only members who demonstrate professionalism and talent. If Talent is not found, places are not offered. 


This is all fantastic. However, Talent 1st is NOT funded and relies on the brilliant support of outside supporters from the industry and community to help assist Talent 1st in continuing to push young talent, reaching their full potential and striving to make the industry a more equal and representative platform of society from all walks of life.


You can directly help support the work of The Talent 1st Organisation CIC through donating via this page.


All monies raised will go directly towards supporting the brilliant work of Talent 1st for this forthcoming academic year Sep 2019 - July 2020 who work tirelessly discovering, training and supporting the next generation of fantastic young actors.


Every penny really does makes a huge difference. Thank you and let's all help spread the word to help Talent 1st keep putting talent 1st!