For Staff

Whilst COVID regulations remain in place, where it is possible to work from home, all teachers and staff members will be encouraged to do so. It is the choice of the individual staff members concerned, whether they choose to wear a face covering whilst session leading or working from the office. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times. Where teaching is concerned, if a face covering is worn, a clear face visor will be encouraged.

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For Members

Whilst it is the preference of Talent 1st to teach face to face, due to COVID guidelines and regulations, this may not always be possible. Talent 1st will continue to provide a full programme of training through the year. Whilst COVID regulations remain in place, each child will remain in their allocated base groups, and group sizes will not exceed 10 members during practical sessions at the studio at Kayes Walk. Where working in schools, Talent 1st will adhere to safety policies in place.


Talent 1st requires all members who are medically able, to wear a face covering please when entering and exiting the Talent 1st studio (unless exempt). The lobby is a communal facility shared by other businesses. Face coverings can be removed during session, whilst strictly maintaining social distance at all times. If members prefer to wear a face covering during the whole session, that is absolutely fine.

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Anyone not following the safety regulations will be asked to leave Talent 1st with immediate effect. The safety of staff and members is top priority. Talent 1st has actioned the regulations in line with government 

publications for protective measures for out of school settings (as updated on 20th August 2020).


Talent 1st appreciates your full cooperation and patience whilst navigating this challenging time.


Your help and support is very much appreciated by all the team.